Building a Fascinating Product

As part of any market strategy, building fascination around a product seems to be a critical factor for success. I’ve copied a few except below from one of my favorite book “Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation” by Sally Hogshead, and hope you find it helpful to increase your own products value.

1. Lust – The craving to anticipate pleasure.
2. Mystique – The stuff that intrigues and makes us what to know more.
3. Alarm – The threat of negative consequences, which demands immediate response.
4. Prestige – That which earns status and admiration.
5. Power – Command over people and things, which draws our focus.
6. Vice – To rebel against rules. The temptation that draws us toward the “forbidden fruit.”
7. Trust – Certainty and reliability, to which we give our loyalty.

The business implications of being able to employ these triggers can be significant. According to the research, a fascinating brand can charge up to four times much more than a not so fascinating one. In the presence of a
fascinating product, a significant amount of people report a strong emotional or physical response.

“develop your own compelling way of attracting business, and getting results.” ― Sally Hogshead

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